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Mensagem por Acrof em Qua Jan 08, 2014 2:07 pm

This is what we call "FCFS". That means "First come, first serve". Meaning that basically... whatever comes off cooldown, use it. However, there is a priority system. Here is a list of the DPS ability priorities.

Lest than 2 parts of T10 :

2 or 3 parts of T10 :

With more than two parts of T10, you get the following bonus:
(2) Set: Your melee attacks have a 40% chance to reset the cooldown on your Divine Storm ability.

Thus, using your Divine Storm cooldown as soon as possible will increase your DPS, as it can always reset with your next Auto Attack. Not using it in time can potentially waste a reset and thus reducing your DPS, thus your Divine Storm´s priority increases and surpasses your Hammer of Wrath, even when the boss is below 20% health.

4 or more parts of T10 :

* Judgement (Always on top because it is your source of mana.)
**Hammer of Wrath (Only when a boss is under 20% hp)

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